WHAT IS Foundations?

Our world is constantly changing due to COVID-19 precautions and therefore so is our Foundations program for 6-8th grade students. The goals are still the same for our students to gain a better understanding of Jesus, the bible and foundational truths that support our Christian faith. However, what was once accomplished at the church through small groups will now be experienced in the home with your families for some “Foundational Family Fun”!!! Check out the video and details below for simple and fun resources to connect with your students!

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Foundations was born out of a desire to build solid groundwork in our middle school students based on the only truly stable and secure foundation of Jesus Christ. We have strived to do this by approaching some of the biggest questions about our Christian faith and Jesus with solid biblical wisdom. We call these questions “Building Block Questions” because our answers to these questions are what make up our foundation.
Some examples of these questions are:
"Who is God?"
"Who is Jesus?"
"What is the Gospel?"
"How and why do we study the bible?"
and many more!
Our “Foundational Family Fun” Resources build on these questions with some answers found in scripture and some brief explanation. There are some discussion questions below that will aid in family talks around these topics! The goal is not expert level knowledge, but to engage in biblical discussions that can build us up more and more into knowing and following Jesus!
There is also a family fun activity at the beginning that should bring some joy, laughter, and fun to this crazy quarantine season! We hope you and your family enjoy it!

Please reach out to blake.brinkman@theharbor.life if you have any questions or would like any more resources.