Why do you want THIS Reachwear?

Why would you not?!  These are INCREDIBLY soft COMFORT COLOR sweatshirts.  A cold front has moved in and here in South Texas, that means it is time to BUNDLE UP!  And we all know how frigid the schools are year round.  So... get your fall wardrobe prepped AND wear a shirt that makes people say, "Cool shirt- where did you get that?" And then you can tell them how AMAZING Harbor Students are and invite them to Merge!

Here's the catch!!! These are CUSTOM ORDER sweatshirts.  This means you have to order AND pay for your shirt by MIDNIGHT Wednesday, October 19th.  Click the link below, order your shirt and then send the link to all your friends!

Click here to order your sweatshirt:
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What is Reachwear?

Reachwear are shirts we use as a Mission.  We use them as tools to invite people to church and start conversations.  The Harbor Students also use our Reachwear items so support a Compassion International Child we sponsor in Tanzania named Yusta.

(Our sponsorship helps provide food, clean water, education and training in basic life skills.  On top of meeting physical needs, sponsors provide hope and allow the children to dream of the future.)